Monday, September 6, 2010

Quadrocopter controlled by .NET Micro Framework

Are you interested in build your own quadrocopter (quadrotor helicopter) running on the .NET Micro Framework platform? Have you already done any research on getting a RC flight module?

I bought the AR.Drone from Parrot, well, I’m very impressed from controlling the quadrocopter from an iPhone. Well, I had several problems like a damaged navigation board, and I’m missing some features to play with. Building my own one and adding GPS, a camera etc. together with the .NET Micro Framework could be the solution.

If there is somebody who has already built one with a different platform and would like to try to port this to .NET MF (C#): feel free to contact me as I have an MSDN Ultimate subscription for one year available which includes a full Visual Studio 2010 version.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I would like to see this project!!!

Anonymous said...


I plan to work on this project, my aim is to build a quadrocopter like the parrot to make some aerial video and picture. My FEZ Domino is ordered, some information gathered on mikrokopter and uavp.