Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The .NET Micro Framework - Hardware for Software People (Scott Hanselman)

smallwristnet Some of you maybe know Scott Hanselman (I know him from a time where AJAX was “born”). Reading is blog frequently I found a post today about the .NET Micro Framework.

I'm definitely a software person. I took EE in school and made an LED class, then a small computer like everyone else, and I know my volts and my amps for the most part, but that's about it. The limits of my skills are somewhere around adding an LED and some resistors to leech power off a USB adapter (which I recently did while working on the Hanselcade retro arcade build).

Hm, if I look back to school… I had the same experience. But at this time I had to write assembler code or some very special basic code that was compiled later to native machine code.

Today it is as easy as writing your first ConsoleApplication using C#. All the tools and SDKs are available at no cost! And an emulator is available for a common device as well as specific emulators from hardware boards. If you want to see it running on a physical hardware buy one of the great starter kits that include everything.

Have a look at the Hanselminutes on 9 where Scott is talking to Colin Miller.

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