Sunday, September 12, 2010

Microsoft .NET Micro Framework Source Code available at

Microsoft started to publish the source code of the .NET Micro Framework to CodePlex, the Open Source Community:

Up to this point, we have released the platform in the SDK (for building managed code applications) and the Porting Kit (for building new hardware adaptations or getting to the NETMF code). The code is, of course, released under the Apache 2.0 license.  People who wanted to contribute to the platform in 4.1 contacted us and we arranged for them to submit their changes to us.  As of today, we are going to add CodePlex to this landscape to facilitate your access to the code and your ability to contribute.  The CodePlex site has a full description of how to interact with the development effort.  The licenses of course stay the same and the downloads also remain on Microsoft Download Center.

Check it out at:  We will be moving the issues over to this site so that you can track the current known issues and work items.  We are still learning how this will work for a project of this size so bear with us if you run into any difficulties.

Project Description

The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework combines the reliability and efficiency of managed code with the premier development tools of Microsoft Visual Studio® to deliver exceptional productivity for developing embedded applications on small devices. The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK supports development of code, including device I/O, in the C# language using a subset of the .NET libraries, and is fully integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio® development environment. This project allows building the full SDK and Porting Kit (PK) installers and it includes the RTIP TCP/IP stack from EBSnet Inc., the lwIP open source TCP/IP stack and the OpenSSL distribution.

Additional Note

The .NET Micro Framework is subject to the Apache License, version 2.0.  In addition to the source code that we make available here, we have also packaged the Micro Framework as part of an SDK and as part of a Porting Kit.  Within the Porting Kit, we have also included, as a convenience for you, the following third-party open-source code:  lwIP and OpenSSL.  Each of these is governed by their respective licenses, and we have simply appended those licenses immediately after the Apache License, version 2.0 in the license.rtf file.  You can see a copy of that file in the Download tab (we have put it in a Word Doc format and called it the “.NET Micro Framework SDK and PK License”).

In addition, as another convenience for you, we have also included on this project certain binary-only files:  namely an RTIP TCP/IP stack from EBSnet, Inc., and a set of cryptography libraries.  These are downloadable from the Downloads page of this project.  The license text for each of these are also available on the Downloads page of this project as well.

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