Monday, April 26, 2010

Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1 and Multi-Targeting Support in Visual Studio 2010

A really good news for all developers that need to develop .NET MF devices with different .NET MF frameworks: the next small update on .NET Micro Framework 4.1 will add Visual Studio 2010 as well as the multi-targeting support. That means that you are able to compile with .NET MF 3.0 as well as .NET MF 4.1. If it will be possible to use the binary files compiled with the new framework on .NET MF 4.0 I’m not sure.

Looking forward to this new release!


Jamie said...

Do you know when the next release will be available? I'm keen to try out MF development under VS2010 :)

Michael Schwarz said...

Well, the .NET 4.1 beta is out, I think in 3-4 weeks it will be done. I'm already working with the beta without any problem.