Monday, March 8, 2010

Using a XBox controller with .NET Micro Framework

GHI Electronics wrote about how to use the Microsoft XBox controller (USB) to interact with a .NET Micro Framework module like the USBizi(FEZ), EMX or ChipworkX.

If you are asking yourself, how do I use the XBOX 360 controller in my project? If you are using Arduino then this requires so much circuitry and programming to do...actually, I am not sure myself how this can be done. If you are using BS2 then just forget about the idea! To use XBOX controller you will need a windows CE device with few month to learn how to write USB drivers. Out of curiosity, I did search the web for drivers for XBOX, linux winCE, windows or MAC drivers. I did find few and I can tell you this, looking the the driver source code was scary. Try to google then and take a look yourself.

XBOX controller has many digital inputs but unfortunately it is not a standard HID device and so it will not work with the standard drivers. This example implements an XBOX controller driver using raw USB services.

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