Thursday, March 4, 2010

Using .NET Micro Framework v4.0, Device Solutions' Board Support Package and GCC

I’m currently working on the porting kit. For all of you never did something with the kit Jan Kučera has created a great tutorial where to start downloading all the files and do your first own firmware for the Thaoe-II board.

He is using the Board Support Package from Device Solutions which will help you to get all the different environment set-ups.

More next…

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Fred said...

How much success have you had with GCC and MF4 PK on TAHOE II? My experince is not that great. Startup is much slower with GCC build of MF4. I also find startup not reliable. Appears to hang during startup and too slow at doing USB PnP so Windows flashes up an error... Very interested to know if your experience is any better.