Friday, February 26, 2010

TFT Display / VGA Monitor connected to .NET MF Device

GHI Electronics offers many hardware modules running .NET Micro Framework, like EMX and ChipworkX. They all support TFT displays with 16-bit 5:6:5 RGB color depth.

GHI-00123 With this interface, users can use about any TFT display. Some applications, like handheld devices, may require a 320x240 3.4" display. Others, like vending machines, may need a 640x480 7" displays. What about airport informational center? Those will probably need a 12" 800x600 displays. What is important is that GHI NETMF modules can work with all these options. Through a simple call to the GHI managed libraries, a user can set the default settings for display, including resolution, HSYNC, VSYNC and clock.

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