Thursday, November 12, 2009

New .NET MF Development Kit available – Analog Devices BF518F FMC

ana-DRC-bf518f-fmc-dev Avnet Electronics Marketing has designed and offers a new .NET Micro Framework development kit with great features. The board is using an Analog Devices BF518F low-power Blackfin processor, has plenty of memory, 10/100 Ethernet with IEEE 1588 V2 support, UART, USB, Avnet TFT LCD, and more.

One of the most unique things about the board is the integration of FPGA through the FPGA Mezzanine board.  This supports robust signal processing applications in the target markets of Industrial Automation, Smart Energy Management, Network-enabled Instrumentation, and Test and Measurement equipment.

Have a look at the key features:

  • Operates as a standalone, or as a VITA 57 FMC Mezzanine Module
  • Microsoft .NET Micro Framework ported by Adeneo Embedded
  • 400 MHz ADSP-BF518F Blackfin processor
  • 64 MB Micron PC-133 SDRAM
  • 4 MB Numonyx parallel NOR Flash
  • 4 Mb SPI Flash (internal to CPU)
  • Flexible booting options
  • 10/100 Ethernet with IEEE 1588 support
  • SD/MMC card slot
  • One RS-232 port (DB-9F)
  • One USB 2.0 mini-AB port
  • Supports external TFT-LCD conforming to Avnet LCD Interface (ALI) specification
  • Optional add-on debug agent
  • The development kit includes everything you need to start with a real hardware device. And yes, it comes with the .NET Micro Framework 4.0 (which is currently in beta).

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