Thursday, May 7, 2009

.NET Micro Framework Future (not a dead project!!)

Well, you may have heard about changes (see links below) for the .NET Micro Framework. Currently there is NO  official statement from Microsoft available, but some details may already be the direction .NET MF moves to.

It seems that it will not really by “Open Source” (at least not by any of the common definitions of Open Source). The idea is to move it to a business model where source is available for OEMs to add functionality and to better differentiate their platforms and port to new instruction sets and CPU families. Microsoft will maybe make source available so that silicon vendors and third parties can make those ports themselves with guidance from Microsoft and other peers in the community.

This means that .NET MF will not end or be Open Source, as blogs rumors, it will start right now with more performance and more supported CPU families. I hope that I can give my best feedback from my community around .NET MF. There is another post on the .NET MF team blog about .NET MF on top of another OS, really interesting, too.

.NET Micro Framework in the news today:

"The company also acknowledged cuts and major changes in the .NET Micro Framework team. The remaining employees will move to the .NET Framework team, the company said. Microsoft said it will continue to support existing .NET Micro Framework customers under the terms of current agreements, eliminate distribution royalties, make a free porting kit available, and provide access to the underlying source code."

"Microsoft will continue to support existing customers according to any agreements that we have in place with them, and will honor our lifecycle support pledge," Microsoft said. "Forums continue to be available at MSDN. After moving to the community model, new customers will be supported by the community."

Keep watching the .NET MF blog for official story from Colin in the next couple of hours.

The version 4.0 planning is currently in full swing. Make sure to provide your inputs on how Microsoft can make the .NET Micro Framework better and more suited to your needs! Take the feature survey now…

Update: .NET MF moves to Developer Division

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