Thursday, May 7, 2009

Microsoft to turn .NET Micro Framework to Open Source?

Where is Microsoft cutting jobs of its planned 5000 person layoff? Well, several sites are already writing about it that the .NET Micro Framework is one of the products Microsoft will change future. As far as I understand Microsoft will move the next releases to open source communities but still support older versions in the common support time-frame.

One side effect will be that there will be no license fee in the future for the .NET Micro Framework. People currently working at the .NET MF team will move over to the common .NET Framework. Well, maybe it was a good decision to start with the MF Toolkit at CodePlex. I announced that the MF Toolkit will be added in the next .NET MF release on 1st April – this was a April fools’ Day joke that may get real, now.

(I currently have no official statement from Microsoft.)

Update: .NET MF moves to Developer Division

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