Friday, March 6, 2009

Webserver now handling File Uploads, Form Elements and Querystring correct

I’m currently working on the next release of the MFtoolkit including a tiny Webserver. Since the first release there are big improvements in handling http requests as correct POST and GET handling, parsing of http headers and body. Mime-coded POSTs (i.e. when you uploading a file) are handled and available directly in the HttpRequest class. Cookie support is included, too.

The online demo is still available, give it a try. I have changed the page output when you’re running any POST or GET.


Any feedback welcome! The release will be available during the next weekend. I hope I can add some more demo pages to show the full power of the Webserver.

1 comment:

Balázs said...

I just can't wait this new release. I'm hoping it will solve my large-file issues.