Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Links from 10th March

Ondrej wrote a blog post about an error in DPWS Metadata Response and how to create a work-around.  I didn’t stumbled over this error yet but I found the small tool DPWS Explorer really interesting.

Pavel added some more photos taken at the Embedded World 2009.

I found another cool article about how to implement LINQ on the .NET Micro Framework. As LINQ only requires version 2.0 of the CLR you’re now able to write lambda expressions, extension methods and list comprehensions.

Kevin added a cool demo how to add little GUI elements with .NET Micro Framework which looks really nice.

Blair is writing about his Dare to Dream Difference Challenge project. I’m very interesting in seeing his device using XBee in real live.

And another Dare to Dream Difference Challenge project created an API for Facebook on the .NET Micro Framework.


karelevzen said...

Hi Michael, thanks for mentioning me in your post! It's just that my name is Ondrej not Andrej. (I’m staying in the UK now and strangely enough everybody calls me Andrej...) Cheers!

Michael Schwarz said...

Fixed... ;)