Monday, March 2, 2009

How to deploy your .NET MF application?

Some weeks ago I tried to deploy an .NET MF application using MFDeploy. I was searching for an solution how I could deploy my application without installing Visual Studio. Well, the problem was that I wasn’t with the customer and I couldn’t install Visual Studio on their PCs as they are using Visual Studio 2008 and I needed Visual Studio 2005 for the .NET MF 2.5 version.

With MFDeploy you can extract the flashed image into HEX files. Those HEX files you can use to deploy / flash other hardware identical devices. Is there really no way to deploy an application without Visual Studio? What is the magic behind this flashing procedure?

I asked the .NET MF newsgroup and got following answer:

Then you'd need to get that device from the customer, test your application
on it and create a master image from that.

Hm, that’s not really nice for me (and the customer, of course). My solution: I have installed a Virtual PC with Visual Studio 2005 trial edition and have successfully installed my new application on that device. Hopefully there will be any tool in the future that let’s you flash your application remotely without Visual Studio.

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Ganesh said...

Hi! Were you able to find some solution to this..? I am facing the same situation and was wondering if Visual Studios actually used some external tool to convert the assemblies to Hex and then deploy them.