Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What’s next with .NET Micro Framework 4.0?

netmf4 Microsoft has opened a survey on Microsoft Connect concerning the next version of .NET Micro Framework:

The purpose of this survey is to obtain inputs and feedback from valuable industry thought leaders like you to help design the next version of our product. Please respond to the following questions to the best of your ability. Thanks in advance for your participation!

What is the .NET Micro Framework more commonly known as? How likely are you to use .NET Micro Framework for your next embedded development project? While selecting a platform for your next embedded project, which one of the following do you think will be the most important?

I’m looking forward running first tests on .NET MF 4.0 and to see more .NET MF enabled devices. Currently I see that some companies that have started building .NET MF devices stopped at version 2.5, others are starting right now with the latest version and all the great features.

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