Monday, February 23, 2009

Tahoe and Tahoe-II – don’t mix firmware updates

Last week I tried to update my Tahoe boards. While downloading updated SDKs I first started to flash the firmware on the newer Tahoe-II board (the one with the XBee connector). When finished I tried to publish my .NET MF application using Visual Studio 2008, but I could not get the screen working, it leaves black. Oh no, I need this device this week, please no hardware problem. I contacted Devices Solutions and while clicking on the Send button in my mail client I noticed that I have flashed my new Tahoe-II with the firmware of the older Tahoe board.

Well, I could easily flash the correct firmware to the Tahoe-II board and my screen comes back. Martin told me that they will add a check maybe in further firmware updates.

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ESantos said...

First of all congratulations for your blog.

I'm currently trying to update the firmware on an imote2 mote. The build process created two folders inside "MicroFrameworkPK_v4_0\BuildOutput\ARM\GCC4.2\le\FLASH\debug\MOTE2", one
called "tinyclr.bin" and other called "tinyclr.hex". I suppose that the files needed for deployment are the ones stored in "tinyclr.hex": ER_CONFIG

These files are similar to the ones found in TAHOEII firmware updates. However how do i actually deploy the files to make the mote work with .Net Micro Framework 4.0?

So far the commands used to build the firmware are:

>cd c:\MicroFrameworkPK_v4_0
>setenv_gcc.cmd "c:\Progra~1\CodeSourcery\Source~1"
>%MSBUILD% Solutions\MOTE2\dotnetmf.proj