Friday, February 27, 2009

MSDN Premium Subscription with Visual Studio 2008

working file I have another free MSDN Premium subscription which I will give you for free.

Well, what you have to do is to link to my blog and add a comment with a link to your page, that’s all. In about 2-3 weeks I will create a simple application that will run a lottery on a .NET Micro Framework device and tell me the lucky winner.

For more details what is included have a look at the subscriptions comparison page at MSDN.


Davide Zordan said...

Hi Michael, I've inserted a link in my home page under the "Links" section, please take a look at
Have a nice day!

Valter Minute said...

Hi Michael,
I added a link about your blog on my own blog (mostly Windows CE and Italian cooking, but also some Microframework posts, I hope):
(I added your name to the blog title to distinguish it from the blog from Elze Kool that has the same title)

Łukasz Świątkowski said...

Hi Michael,
I have also added a link to your blog at my homepage (

Jan Kučera said...

Hello Michael!
Okay, trying luck too :-)