Monday, February 23, 2009

AUG AMI DevKit shipping

AUG Elektronik GmbH has sent me AUG AMI DevKit for the .NET Micro Framework 3.0. I have received the package last weekend. Have a look at the content of the box:


The contents in detail are

  • the AMI board (MH080407 Rev. 2)
  • 3.4" AMOLED display in a plastic housing that can be screwed to the AMI board
  • resistive touch screen glued on top of the display
  • 4 plastic screws used as a stand for the display and board
  • a 1 GB Kingston USB-stick containing full documentation in PDF format and install-files for SDK, samples and more
  • a 5 V regulated power supply plug (110..240 V AC, 50/60 Hz)
  • USB-flash adapter cable for SAM-BA
  • serial cable (RS-232 PC pin assignment - use a null-modem-cable to connect to a PC)
  • DBGU serial cable (RS-232 device pin assignment - directly connect to a PC)
  • standard USB A-B cable
  • standard Ethernet patch cable
  • "Getting Started" document in printed form

My first experience was to put my little web server on the device, everything is working. What makes me very happy is the OLED display where colors look really nice compared to typically used TFT screens. I will publish some photos I have taken later this afternoon.

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